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A Basic Approach to Teaching

Mark's approach to teaching is very casual yet structured at the same time. He encourages artists to explore various approaches so their individual style can emerge. Mark is a firm believer in understanding the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Once one grasps the rules of art and design, it can be  even more fun breaking them. He encourages artists to listen to their inner voice during the art creation process. Be spontaneous but, also know when step by step planning is needed to achieve the results you are seeking. Most importantly, the process of art should be fun, relaxing and CREATIVE!


– Mark Collins



Class Registration and Information

Once class locations and times are determined, you may register and pay here online by clicking on class number and date of a specific class. All major credit cards and personal checks are accepted. You may also register by phone with a major credit card. For additional class information, class availability send email to:


Class Location(s)

Locations to be determined.


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