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Acrylic Painting

Individual Classes: "Old Masters" Floral & Still Life Painting

4 weeks | 2 hour sessions

Cost: $240


Learn the “Old Masters” technique of painting that became popular among Renaissance/Baroque period artists and still is used by contemporary artists today. In this 4 week class, learn how Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Vermeer painted! This technique is beautifully suited to the use of acrylics. Paint from your own photographs for subject matter. Experience painting in layers using a triad color palette. Learn monochromatic underpainting, opaque, transparent, glazing and staining techniques. The basics of color theory and the different types of acrylic paints will be discussed and demonstrated.


Topic Highlights:
  • History of the "Old Masters Technique.

  • Discussion on materials. How paints, brushes and surfaces are different.

  • How to begin: Imprimatura or underpainting?

  • Seeing the lights and darks. A brief study in "values".

  • Painting transparent and opaque.

  • Glazing techniques.

Weekly Schedule Outline:

Week 1 -
Introduction to "Old Masters" painting and history. Discussion on paints brushes and surfaces. How to see tone and value. Demonstration in underpainting. Lets begin the underpainting process!

Week 2 -
Discussion on color theory basics and the color glazing process. Opaque vs. transparent color.  Painting in layers and begin the glazing process.


Week 3 -
Revisit previous information. Discussion on advanced techniques. Continuing your masterpiece.

Week 4 -

Complete your masterpiece!

Included Supplies:
  • One 8” x 10” Canvas

  • Graphite pencil

  • Pencil sharpener

  • A vinyl or kneaded eraser

  • Paint palette

  • Acrylic brushes

  • Acrylic paints

  • 8 oz. matte medium

NOTE: If you have existing supplies, they may be acceptable. For questions, please contact Mark. Please have at least three 8” x 10” color printed photographs or laptop images of your chosen subject matter. Images on cell phones are not recommended.


Class Information:

Contact Mark at 856.676.1355


Class Location:

Your location or onsite in Palmyra, NJ



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