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Drawing & Painting "Drop-In" Sessions

Once a week | 3 hour sessions

$25 per person

Dates to be announced.


This ongoing workshop is designed so each artist can work independently from their own photographs, props and medium of choice. Subjects can be figurative, still life, animals, landscapes, etc. Mark offers constructive feedback throughout the workshop session. Also, get feedback from your fellow artists. Demonstrations are given as needed. Or, demonstration topics may be suggested for the following week. The goal is to cultivate successful outcomes in the development of each artist's work. Beginner to advanced artists welcome. A great workshop to meet fellow artists, fine tune your existing skills, learn new techniques and be CREATIVE!


Workshop Highlights:

  • Explore various mediums and techniques

  • A great event for extended creative projects

  • Weekly "hands on" demonstrations

  • Meet fellow artists in your community


Class Registration and Information:

Info: Mark at 856.676.1355.


Class Location:

To be announced.



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