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See Mark's artwork at a new location!



28 East Union St., Burlington, NJ

The Paint Party That Comes


"Art With Mark" is a fun afternoon or evening out - a chance to paint. All equipment and supplies are provided. Your instructor will walk you through step by step to create your own beautiful masterpiece. Or, do your own thing and paint independently. The best part; you get to take home something you created!

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Starting 2/27/2016 at the Lyceum Hall in Burlington, NJ

Composition Class - The Great Compositional Conundrum

What to do, what to do?  Your picture doesn’t look quite right to you.  Your picture is just little off and with incredulity you scoff.  What could this grand dilemma be, why it’s most likely composition you see! Join designer and artist Mark Collins and learn the principles and elements of design.

Starting 2/25/2016 at the Lyceum Hall in Burlington, NJ

Acrylic Class - Ye Olde Painting

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Learn for thyself painting techniques of yore. Opulent skills that have stood the test of time and the rigors of antiquity and modernity.

Starting 2/22/2016 at the Lyceum Hall in Burlington, NJ

Mixed Media: Gouache and Pastels

Learn to use opaque watercolor (gouache) as an underpainting with bold applications of pastels on top to create paintings loaded with color and vitality! Explore endless color possibilities with this approach to art.

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